Saturday, June 04, 2005


We were awakened this morning a little after six by the sound of the tornado sirens. It didn't look too stormy at that particular moment, but a huge cloud front loomed like a black wall to the west. The rain hit about 20 minutes later. Good gracious, was it windy! A tornado had touched down near Holden, the next town to the west, and was said to be headed our way. We duly herded the kids into the designated tornado hall (we don't have a basement), and listened to the wind howl. Fortunately, the tornado passed a couple miles south of town, no damage.

Mike, naturally, hopped in the truck & drove out to the dome site as soon as the winds started to slack a bit. He found the dome kit's cement panels were wet but absolutely undamaged; the foam panels, on the other hand, had been blown hither & yon. He & Todd spent a couple hours rounding them up & containing them, just in time for the next storm front, due to roll through about dinner time or so.

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Elena said...

Wow, scary stuff! I'm glad everyone's okay and the houses are undamaged. I hope they all pass you by.