Thursday, June 23, 2005

A note regarding that turkey

The turkey that met its early demise at the hands of Steve's van's grille has, sadly, not fulfilled its destiny of becoming dinner. It has been quite hot lately, so Steve picked up a cheap-o styrofoam cooler on the way back from the errand (one of the reasons it took so long), and threw Mr. Tom in there along with some ice, so he would make it home in edible condition. But, later in the day, the cooler suffered a destructive impact from a toolbox that was dropped during a somewhat careless offloading moment. The cooler would no longer hold ice at that point. Not wanting a smelly turkey carcass in the van, Steve transferred the whole shebang to Todd's truck, thinking the boss would deal with it. Inexplicably, however, Steve failed to tell Todd that he had done such a thing.

Next morning, Todd had one of these kind of moments when he opened up his truck: "Holy crap, what's that smell? Hey, what's this cooler doing in here?"

So Steve didn't get a turkey dinner after all, and Todd has to ride around with no air conditioning and the windows down in the 95° heat for a few days.

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