Thursday, November 30, 2006

Googling the Dome

Dome Hill Farm... catchy name, huh?I like to goof around on Google Maps sometimes, see if it can zoom in close enough to see cars & stuff like that. OK, you knew I was a nerd already, right? The hybrid map/satellite imagery is particularly cool, but unfortunately, the satellite images are often a year or two out of date. Well, it's a big planet, I guess they get around to updating it as often as they can.

Anyway, I googled the dome site the other day, and behold! The dome now shows up! Or, at least, the basement walls do. The image must have been taken on a sunny day in late May or early June of last year, sometime between when the dome kit was delivered (you can see it stacked up between the structure & the road) and when the frame went up. I drew in the approximate property lines for the nine acres. The land is highest along the east side, and then slopes down to the west. There's also a little pond nestled into the trees in the northwest quadrant. (A bigger pond is just on the other side of the northwest corner.) To the west, a lightly wooded area between us & the nearest houses.

We're on the map! :-)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Interior Framing

Mike in the closetWork is going to continue through the winter with various framing tasks. Here's one of the master bedroom closets (with the access panel to the tub right behind Mike's knees,) which is one of the last things on the first floor. Mike is planning to put lots of built-in shelves and stuff, especially in oddball triangular corners, of which every room seems to have at least one.