Thursday, May 19, 2005

High Times

OK, here's an example of what a small town we have moved to... At work today, I met a couple, David & Lee T., who had a late-morning appointment with my boss. After having the "why is that name familiar" moment, I realized were the sellers of the lot on which we are building the dome. (We didn't meet them at closing; it was handled by the real-estate agents.) When I told them, they asked my last name, and then exclaimed, "Oh yeah, you're building the dome!" I think we are becoming notorious in this region.

Oh, and one other little tidbit -- Lee told me that she chose the name "High Meadows" for the subdivision just on the basis of liking the name. But, the surveyor who came out to do the property line markers told her that High Meadows is actually the highest point in all of Johnson County. And we'll be right at the crest of the ridge. What a view we'll have from the second floor!

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