Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Basement Walls

Right now it looks like we're building a silo or something!

Basement wall forms
The forms are in place, ready to pour the concrete. This is from the front of the lot, so you can see only about half of the wall -- the rest of it is hidden by the lip of the excavated pit. This is the side that will be backfilled, of course, and will be entirely underground once it's finished.

Cement truck
The cement trucks arrived one by one, staggered throughout the morning. It took 4 trucks in all.

Pouring the concrete
This is the concrete pump that they used to fill the forms. Pretty impressive, huh? The boom could be seen, not just from the county highway a quarter mile or so in front of the dome site, but from wa-a-a-y down where the highway turns east & you can look across about a mile back to our place. Here's the picture:

Long shot of boom

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