Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Window in the Sky

Extension ladderToday Mike tackled the hardest of the second-floor dormers: Ali's bedroom, which is the only one that doesn't have a first-floor dormer underneath it. It's also on the side with the walk-out basement wall exposed. All this adds up to one long ladder. Mike tied it down, and wore a harness tied off (through the window) to a beam on the inside, as well. He also wore a very chic safety helmet borrowed from Hunter's sk8r gear.
Nailing the mesh downAfter five hours of working atop the ladder, all he can do is complain about the burning in his calves. :-(


Jen said...

How exciting!! Things are moving right along.

DomeMountain said...

I'm glad he found some safety equipment. Working up high is serious stuff. Looks like your making great progress.
Take Care