Friday, June 02, 2006


No pictures to show, mostly because Mike keeps forgetting to take the camera out there, but three of the first floor dormers now have their insulation and/or interior plywood what-do-you-call-it, the inside of the wall. Facing? I have no idea what it is properly called. Anyway, Mike & Ali have been working as a team; Ali goes first, cutting & fitting the insulation, then Mike comes along behind her, closing it up with the plywood. They make a pretty good duo... Ali has inherited her dad's skill with working with his hands, it seems.

We're into the early-summer rains, which means that exterior work is very weather-dependent. Nothing done on the outside for the last few days due to the recent heavy downpours. Mike will need to wait for a clear spell to test out his new scaffolding.


DomeMountain said...

I'm quite impressed with the neatness of the insulation you chose to use.

DomeMountain said...

I used a spray two part insulation. What a mess but it did the jod and stiffened the dome. Also took care of any leaks, but I don't think I had those. Your job looks so well done.