Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Chrysler Building

The third course went up today, taking us to the point where we can start putting the dormer frames in the wide openings. Right now, the narrow spots between two dormers look a lot like the logo for a certain automobile manufacturer ;-)

Across the back (northwest) quadrant of the dome, there's a wider span without a first-floor dormer (a bathroom & utility room will be located there.) This is where the emerging dome shape is best seen. It's facing the highway, too, and is clearly visible from the road, about 1/4 mile away. It is actually stopping traffic. The other day as I was leaving the dome site, I came down the county road & waited at the stop sign to make my turn onto the highway, because there was a red Jeep on the road, maybe 100 yards down, coming towards me. And I waited. After a bit, I realized he wasn't moving & went on in front of him, muttering about dumb drivers. It didn't dawn on me till later that he was stopped in the road right where you could get the best view of the dome construction! OK, so I'm dense sometimes.

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