Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Colors

Master bedroom, with unfinished shower in the backgroundSome more progress pictures of the dome... I'll also show you the other two wall colors. The master bedroom is painted in Ruskin Green...
Kitchen...and the kitchen in Hubbard Squash. (Totally aside, I am wearing what is possibly the Most Unflattering Dress In the World. Can you believe this thing used to be too small for me at one point? I refuse to get rid of it, even though it now fits like a potato sack, because it is just that comfortable. But it has now been relegated to a weekends-only, wear-around-the-house role.)
Hunter rocks outThe second-story flooring is about halfway installed. They were apparently working in Hunter's room when they knocked off for the weekend.
Jump, jumpAli & her friends finished the splatter paint project today. There was a good bit of jumping to get the paint up high enough... a bit funny to watch.
Washing upOf course, once again, the girls ended up wearing as much paint as the walls.

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