Saturday, March 14, 2009

Springtime and a new year

We didn't forgetI'll bet you thought we had abandoned the dome project by now. Not true! I'm just a very bad blogger. It's coming up on four years (!) since we broke ground, and the work is pitifully slow sometimes, because we're doing it all ourselves in between all the rest of the stuff that goes on while one is just living one's life. Since I last blogged, there's been vacations, a gall-bladder surgery, and a thousand other little non-newsworthy things. The dome still has one small, elusive leak, but it only matters when it rains really hard, and Mike thinks he has it tracked down now. The footers for the new, less saggy front deck are in place. Warmer spring weather has come to the region and we are hoping to finish up this year.
Chai to goArmed with caffeine, we headed out this morning to get some work done.
Mike & his trusty power drillMike worked on the wall in the downstairs bedroom. The exterior dormer walls are well insulated, since they are really the worst heat-loss points in a concrete dome, and then covered in plywood in preparation for the drywall guys.
Sweeping up about a million dead bugsIn the meantime, I'm under orders to not do any heavy lifting (long story), so guess who got to sweep upstairs? We're both wearing dust masks, by the way, because there were some of those rat-poison cakes scattered about the dome to help get the rodent problem under control. No more mice, but the poison cakes are now all half-disintegrated; neither of us was much inclined to breathe in the dust as I swept it up.
Red tailed hawksAfter the upstairs was as clean as I could get it, I went outside and wandered around a bit on the lower half. Two red-tailed hawks were circling the second lot, looking for a late breakfast, I suppose. In spring, the hawk activity increases markedly as all the little creatures become more active, so they are a welcome sign that winter is just about over here.
Three LadiesIn the meadow to the west of the dome (which I have started calling Gaia's Meadow), there are three stately trees standing in a triangle at the westmost point of a little natural glade. I call them the Three Ladies. They are, oh, forty-fifty feet tall. I think they are elms, but I will have to get someone who knows more about trees in Missouri to confirm this for me. The stone circle is going to go here.
Tiny creekApparently, in the springtime, we have a little creek. It will dry up as soon as it stops raining, but for now, it winds down to the southwest corner of the property in a very charming way.
The pondThe pond is quite full, and looks weedier than ever. This is the same pond that I said was on the neighbor's property way back on the second post of this blog, but then we bought the adjoining lot, so it's our pond now! Mike has plans to clean it up once we get moved in, but for now, it belongs to the frogs. There was a raucous bullfrog making quite the racket as I walked around the pond. (Another sign of spring...)
Old fencelineThe pond was fenced at one time, and about three-quarters of the fenceline still stands, although it is quite rusty and overgrown with vines. We'll have to pull it all down eventually. We're not going to run out of projects anytime soon, I assure you.

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