Sunday, November 01, 2009

Indian Summer at the Dome

Gaia's MeadowIt was a beautiful Indian summer day today, and things are moving along nicely at the dome. I walked down along some of the lower property -- it's a bit soggy after all the rain we had last week, but quite lovely as the trees shed their leaves.
Finished floor in family roomThe hardwood floor is done throughout the first floor. It has a semi-gloss finish which I think brings out the natural variations of the wood quite beautifully.
Master bathtubI have been waiting for over four years to use this tub. Once I finally do, you had better believe that it's going to be the biggest candlelight-scented-bath-bomb-whirlpool extravaganza ever known to womankind.

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ChelleC said...

How's the Dome coming? Almost finished probably. I hope you can spend the winter holidays there.