Monday, May 28, 2007

Concrete (at last)

So much to do...Finally, the concrete is underway, but it's moving ahead in fits and starts due to the off-and-on rain that is typical in spring & early summer in this part of the world. It's actually a good time for doing concrete work because it doesn't dry out too quickly (which can result in cracks). Here's the front entry with the first coat about 80% done!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some stairs, some trees

Yet another 2x4 runWhen one is building one's own home, one becomes very familiar with the local building-materials establishments. Mike is here so often that the checkout clerks recognize him, which wouldn't be a big deal at a mom-and-pop store, but it's saying something for a big box store.
Upstairs downstairsOne of the many things on which the dopey contractor did a lousy job -- the entryway staircase up to the second floor -- finally bugged Mike enough that he tore them out & redid them, angling them out away from the exterior wall to give a little more room. They look much nicer & you don't hit your head on the wall where it curves in now. Just another example of funky dome geometry.
At the top of the stairs... I keep trying to tell him the railing isn't high enoughNext he'll reframe the half-wall that forms the stairway and second-floor loft railing.
Mmmm.... I can taste them alreadyMeanwhile, outside, the apple trees have thrived on the rain & sun, more rain, then more sun that we've been having for the last six weeks. Look at the Lodi putting out leaves! Well, it may not show up too well against the grass, depending on your monitor's resolution... but I'm thrilled to death with how well the trees are doing. My orchard is coming along swimmingly.