Saturday, August 19, 2006


The earth-mover guy came in for the last two days to grade & gravel the driveway. He used a type of rock mixture that starts out loose, but eventually packs down with wear & moisture to form a fairly hard surface. There's a big horseshoe-shaped drive in the front, as well as the drive that runs around back to the garage. It took six truckloads! (Too big to get a proper picture of the whole thing.)


DomeMountain said...

Roads eat rocks! Never order rocks when it has been wet, the trucks just push it into the ground. Sounds like you got "crush and run". It has rock dust in it and packs as you drive on it.

Looks like you have a road now!!

Blond Girl said...

wow; you couldn't do that in Minnesota; at least not if you ever wanted to snowplow your driveway you couldn't. Congrats on the path.