Monday, April 17, 2006

Progress report

Work continues at a slow pace, but progress is being made. Unfortunately, I have no pictures at the moment; I'll see if I can't get some soon.

Last week Mike finished squaring & shimming all the exterior doors, installing said doors' hardware, and removing the slapdash front deck that was so poorly constructed that it was already beginning to sag. (Yet another thing we need to redo.)

This week he plans to apply to all of the first-floor dormers the felt-paper stuff that is the first layer of masonry; also, he will reinforce and insulate the high-profile front-entry dormer opening, which will otherwise turn into a major heat-loss area.

One of the things we have learned about dome construction is this: it is not for people who don't enjoy finding solutions to oddball problems. The non-right-angle geometry means that, at every step, you wind up saying to yourself, "Well, in an ordinary house I would do thusly, but that won't work here, so..." and then you have to puzzle out what is likely to work best. Some people enjoy such a challenge; some folks would be driven batty by it. Fortunately, Mike is about 75% in the former category.

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