Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update from the Dome

Dome in the morningSadly, for the second time in the Great Dome Project, I must report that my general contractor has skipped town and left me hanging. This time, it was because the general contractor had some kind of a midlife crisis and divorced me. So, hopefully the third time's the charm! I have hired a new general, Chad, a local fellow who is turning out to be very reliable. Work is once again proceeding apace, both inside and out. The new front deck has been framed and should be finished next week.
To cap it allThe deck rail has black metal spindles, and some really cool-looking copper caps on the support poles. I imagine they will develop a pretty verdigris patina over time, but right now they twinkle like a new penny.
OvenThe new oven has been delivered, and is sitting in the entryway (the waiting area for all appliances, it seems, until the cabinets are ready to receive them.) We originally wired for an electric oven, but I really wanted gas, and Chad was kind enough to re-plumb it at a minimal charge.
Oven cabinetThe kitchen cabinets are in! The oven's days of hanging out in the entryway are pretty limited, I think. The cabinetmaker did a really fabulous job. Everything is a blond honey oak color, which will look great with the oak flooring.
Tiny appleOne of the apple trees produced a single fruit, several years ahead of schedule. It's not big, but it's my first apple. I can't wait until we start getting a regular crop from these trees... visions of canned apples are dancing in my head.

Chad thinks he'll have us in the dome by Thanksgiving. So far, he is on schedule and under budget. Expect more regular updates as we get closer to move-in!