Saturday, July 22, 2006

Heat Wave

Mike took the week off to avoid working himself into a sunstroke in the brutal heat that has been gripping the whole country... but the heat has broken with yesterday's storms & the forecast looks much better for next week. More pictures soon, I promise.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Importance of Using UL-Rated Tools

Notice the dark char mark where the cord was cut(A comedy in one act)

Scene: Exterior of dome, morning.
Mike, carrying a hedge trimmer, and Ali from stage left.

Mike: OK, kiddo, I've got a job for you.
Ali: Sure, what is it?
Mike: I need you to trim back the bushes & weeds that have grown up under this window. That'll make it easier to get the ladder in here to finish putting up the lathe.
Ali: Sure! Cool! (reaches for hedge trimmer)
Mike (holds back trimmer:) Wait a second! You need to be careful with this thing, it can be dangerous if you're using it incorrectly.
Ali: I know, Dad, I'll be careful.
Mike: I want you to cut the bushes about 6 inches off the ground. (demonstrating on a five-foot or so area) Hold the trimmer level with the ground and sweep it from side to side.
Ali: I know, Dad!
Mike: And most important, make sure you keep the cord well away from the trimming blade!
Ali: I know, Dad, I know! I'm not dumb!
Mike: Ok, then, here you go. Be careful.
Ali: I know, Dad.
(About fifteen minutes later, there is a large popping sound. Sparks fly & the circuit breaker trips with another loud pop.)
Mike: Al-l-l-l-i!
Ali (in a very small voice:) ummm.... sorry?

(Disclaimer: No one was hurt during the enactment of this comedy.)